Cleaning canvas covers !!!!!!!

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:thumb: We have Ameritex covers on our boat. Over the past few months, they were showing A L O T of dirt, where water had pooled after a rain.

I just read on their web site how to clean them, and make them look like new !!!!

Take a bar of IVORY soap, and shred it with a cheese grater, put contents in a 5 gal. bucket, dissolve the soap with hot water, use a scrub brush, drink a few beers (my suggestion), rinse, let dry, and re-install.

It seemed to remove a few mold spots that were on it as well.

Good luck !!!!!


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Thanks for the tip. :thumb:

Many people don't know, that you can also get waterproofing spray that will bring back the water repellency on many of the sumbrella type materials as well.

Where there is a will, many times there is a way. :)


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What waterproofing do you suggest??

I don't think that Scotchguard is acceptable is it ??

Can what youi are talking about be bought in a local store, or do you have to order it ??



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i would check wal-mart, any of the water repellant sprays for canvas tents will work.