Checkmate video


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Great videos.

The kids look like they're having a blast, that's always important.

I'm going to have to listen to your Merc a few times this winter, to get me through 'til spring! :D

The river section is pretty neat. How deep is the water? It reminds me of some of those crazy Australian Jet boat courses. :thumb:


john lamon

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Thanks Chris, I'm glad you liked em'. I had fun making them.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be listening to that Merc a few times over the winter also.:bigthumb:

It's a pretty neat place to have a cabin, there is a lake on each end of the creek.

The second video is coming in from one lake and the third video is going out to the other lake, from where I stopped the second vid it's about a 10 min idle zone past the cabins to where I started recording again.

I like it in the off season when you can give er through there, most weekends in the summer the boat traffic is none stop.

It's about 6' deep in most spots, but there are a few spots you need to make sure your up on the trim if you know what I mean;)