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john lamon

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I am redoing the interior in my 89' Checkmate Eluder and thought I'd post up a few pics, I ordered new vinyl covers from Checkmate back in October and finally got them last week, I have got quite a bit done already but it is turning out to be lots of work.

The old stuff wasn't too bad but was starting to crack



The rear seat was the worst and I found some rusty staples and screws here too, I am using stainless steel staples and screws.


I completely rebuilt the rear seat bottom and back rest


If I look drunk or tired in this pic it's only because I've been working in the garage until 4 AM the for last week, got to get it done while the kids are in bed:)


My 4 year old daughter has been great help pulling staples though:bigthumb:


I was like a 5 year old on Christmas morning opening this box of covers:bigthumb:


I also rebuilt the rear seat base.


I got the side panels on and the back seat in and the blue stripes didn't line up quite right, there was also a bit of a gap where the bottom and back meet up so I pulled the ends apart and straightened it and added some foam, I had help with this part from a friend that does this work on the side, also the new side panels didn't come with the blue buttons that were on the old panels and we decide that the old one's were in good enough shape to use, I think it would have looked too plain without them.

The test fit


Straitened out and bolted in, done this part


Well that's all for now folks, I still have the bow seats and bucket seats to do, the bow storage locker, and the dash support panels to do, pretty happy I got the back seat out of the way as I am suspecting that will be the worst of it, I will post more pics when I get them.

Thanks for looking, John.
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It looks awesome John! :thumb:

Thanks for sharing that. I'm sure that will help and inspire a few other members down the line.

Feel free to load some of those pics up into the photogallery as well if you like.

Thanks again for taking the time to post this up for everyone. :)



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Just in time for spring!

Looks great John. :thumb:

Did you replace the carpet as well? It looks like new. :)


john lamon

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Thanks Chris, the carpet is original, I thought about changing it but it's still in really good shape and I'm a little low on cash and time with this house I'm building, it will last a few more years anyway :thumb: