Carburetor floods


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I have a 1999 Four Winns Horizon 170. I purchased this 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems getting the boat started. Members of my family refuse to use the boat because they have been stuck in the middle of the lake. The marine whoere I purchased it states it operator error. We are flooding the engine Anyone have similar problem and a solution before I sell this lemon.


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Did you put a new/rebuilt carb on it yet?

Sometimes when people are in a hurry to winterize they don't put fuel stabilizer in before they run the boat to fog it. (they may just put it in the fuel tank afterwards or, not run it long enough). The old gas congeals and gums up the bowls, floats, needles diaphragms and passages. Also, corrosion forms in the places where the congealed fuel is.

If it does start, it will run poorly even if the old congealed gas is flushed out. Buy a new carb and have someone that really knows how, to set it up.