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Here we go again !!!!!

We ordered a replacement seat back for our boat, 9 weeks ago. It is the one that attatches tot he front of the engine compartment lift lid, that you rest your back up against.

The vendor, for the boat manufacturer "goofed up again", and sent us the sun pads, and the back rest as one unit.

Figuring that they WON'T want the replacement seat back/sunpads back, I thought of having it turned into a bow filler cushion. (I think I'm saying this right). To fill in the walk space between the existing bow cushions, anyhow.

Does anyone hav any pics of a bow filler cushion set up that I could see ??

I'll have the vinyl, cut, sewn, and re-cut at an upholstery shop, but wondered "how" the filler sets in between the existing cushions, etc.


P.S. This might be my winter project. :bigthumb:

204 Escape

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First of all, thanx, for the pics on that site.

I looked up the bow filler cushions for the 204 LARSON Escape that we own, to no avail.

They had sent a "carpeted board" when the bought was bought. I just thought of that, and I guess that it could be used as a "base" for some pads to use snaps to fasten them down to the board.

I was trying to see, and it doesn't look like the "board" is supported by any kind of legs so to speak.

When it cools off, later on, I may try to fit the board that I have in the bow, and see if I could just have pads made.

Again, thanx !!!!!!!!!

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Well here is some more of what four winns offers in there fish and ski style bow rider, They have 2 carpeted boards to fill in the bow area on supporting edeges then they have cushions to go over the top so you can lay down up there.
And some times we will use these to help hold it up if needed. And here if the basic area of the web site I found all this in if needed. Then you just scroll down and open up each one to look at.:cheers:

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Hey, boat teck,

THANX, for the pics. I actually have some of those plastic pieces, that I could use to support, a bow filler !!!!!!! :thumb:

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I made a cardboard template today. Tried to get ahold of the upholstery shop, no answer. Will see what we can find out when he answers the phone !!!!!!!!! :irked: