boating at my core


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Long time to this forum. I live in one of the most interesting boating areas in the world...Maine. It is so connected to boating and every aspect of boating it warms my soul. I began boating 47 years ago with a 1949 5h.p. johnson on a skiff. Now I have a 270 sundancer, have fishing and boating in my blood and have a son who is a boat builder. As a retiree, my hobby is restoring boats and I have a small online marine parts
business. I usually ply the waters between Casco bay to Cape Cod and am always interested in chatting with anyone who loves boats. I look forward to participating in this forum.


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Welcome aboard Devonshire - nice to have you with us. :)

I've got a few old motors myself. I've got a few old OMC's from the 50's. :thumb: