Barf Ball or Air Chair


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Hi Guys!

Every winter I try to buy a new watertoy [tube, ski's, etc] for the cottage, this year I am leaning at either the new Obrien "Barf Ball" which looks like a blast, or, biting the bullet and buying one of those "Air Chairs" which also look pretty cool, but, slightly more dangerous, especially for a fat, out of shape, old guy like me, LOL!

Anyone tried either one? Both? Input and Opinions?



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How old and how fat and out of shape are you michael? Both those toys look like a lot of fun. My preference would be the "Air Chair" because you're out in the elements, not stuffed inside a large plastic ball, like the "Barf Ball" which is likely to require a good deal more cleaning. Imagine cleaning the mold and mildew using chemicals inside an enclosed space.

On the Air Chair... seems to me, if you're too heavy you might have a hard time getting up on the thing!

How about an Airhead Viper 3 man towable instead?



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BTW, those that are viewing this thread and don't know what an air chair is, get a load of this: