Any jetboats out there?


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Now there is! Where are you located?
Welcome to the board Lucky7. :)

Lay it on us...

What cha got? :D

RNC also has a nice old vintage Checkmate Jet.

Maybe if we bug him, we can get him to post some pics of it. :thumb:


I think I can dig one up out of the back corner of the shop. 1976 Checkmate Jetmate factory 455.


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Sorry about the time lapse! had toget ready for, then went on vaction!

I've got an old Avenger w/455 Olds, it's in pieces:irked: started redoing everthing, but it was cheaper to buy another one than to totally go thru it! Had good stuff : tunnel ram, ported Mondello heads, forged short block, 10 qt. pan, wet headers ect. but she need a new floor/interior/paint and the floor was as far as I got. Still looking for a new hulll to call home.

I've got a Python 19"6' mini offshore style w/an aluminum headed 460 that I use at our lake house on Houghton Lake, and the Detroit River.

Fell in love w/Jets back in the late 70's.

Got tired of the prop rebuild guy knowing exactlly what prop I needed before I got into his shop (the lake is shallow!).


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Welcome back Lucky. :)

So what's the plan? To try to pickup another hull and put the engine and drive in the new hull?

Cooperider, one of our members, runs the Sidewinder forums and he runs into quite a few Sidewinder Jets. There is also the old Checkmate Jetmate still around.

If you want I can ask Coop if he's seen any Winder Jet hulls for sale.

You could also try putting a wanted listing in our marketplace as well.

Let us know if we can help. :)



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I've been looking for a new hull for awhile but they end up being the same deal as mine. I'd really like something in a bubble deck which seems to be a little lighter. I've also been looking at brand new hulls (pickleforks), but my wife's laid off from the Ford Rouge Truck Plant. She'd rather have a baby than buy another boat right now!:eyecrazy:
I know where there is a good jet boat at for sale but you will have to pm me for the number .I dont know if he'd want his cell all over the net.:sssh: