1995 Yamaha 70HP TLRT will not advance


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The symptom:

Cold engine throttles up and runs under load for a good while. Can and will power down and power backup with no stalling, sputtering, or otherwise noticeable problem. Once hot the unit will lose power even while on plane. When throttle is advanced “bogging down” symptoms get worse. Engine will stall unless put into idle then can be advanced again but only carefully. Whether or no it will get back on plane seems arbitrary. It did this for the better part of a year until finally now it will not advance at all under load. Now it sputters and stalls It will run continuously slightly above idle.

Things I have done:

New fuel line and squeeze bulb
New water separator
New Fuel pump
Cleaned fuel filter
Rebuilt Carbs
Fuel was pooling around intakes and poured out when tilted.
All new gaskets.
New needles
Adjusted floats
Ran under load with top open to see fuel spray which looks good.
Tested compression
Plugs Fouled brown/black greasey
Service Manual says bad spark.
Tested Ignition coils.
Reseated Caps
New Plugs
Properly Gapped.
Tested Crank Position Sensor
Testing CDI

I am mostly convinced something is CAPUT in the CDI. I think this because of the progressive dying, temperature factor to failure, and exhausting fuel issues.

Any Thoughts?