1985 Johnson outboard not running right. Pleas help!


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I just purchased this engine sight unseen and had it shipped to me. Live in a remote community in the Yukon. Buying the engine sight unseen may be dumb but I did it because this year there was nothing for sale and i need to get back on the water for our short boating season.

The guy did a carb rebuild on engine and it ran fine in his tank at home. and it does idle and move the boat.
However at high rpms it shudders and revs funny.

also while reving down it coughs and sputters and shakes like it gonna die, but it doesn't quite.

here is what i know,

new fuel tank
new fuel line
new fuel
mix is right
spark plugs are dealer recommended

there are a couple of very small fuel leaks from from a couple of fuel hose connections. but they produce very little fuel

I have provided some video of whats happening

thanks everybody