1967 Larson 146 All American

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Hi Everyone

I recently picked up this Larson and have been restoring it over the winter. (Boat was 'free', spent more restoring that it cost new!) While I have built or restored many wooden boats (8 and counting) this is my first foray into fiberglass. Seemed pretty straightforward to repair the floorboards and get her back into running shape. Glass and seats are in excellent shape, still need to overhaul the 50 hp. Mercury.

Couple of items that I could use help locating:

1. The 1967 brochures in the Media Gallery are hard to read, are there better copies available?
2. Where can I find "vintage' Larson decals that appear in the print ads?
3. The stern light pole is broken, any dealers out there specializing in old Larson parts?

Many thanks in advance


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