1950's Loanstar 21' Aluminum Cabin Cruiser?


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Hello Folks, new to all this boat stuff, but a buddy of mine came across the following: He said it is a 1950's Loanstar 21' cabin cruiser that is all riveted aluminum boat. It hasn't seen water in 25 years, but is in great shape as it has been covered or stored indoors. The strange thing about it is that the outboard motor is attached in an enclosure in the stern hull area. The motor is not covered on top at all, so you can see the top of the motor, but from the back and sides is completely enclosed. Have any of you ever heard of or seen anything like this? It is so unique. It almost looks like an antique fishing boat style. The cabin itself is a single level and sits 6 people. Two chairs and two benches that can fold out into two berths. I have scoured the internet to find a picture of others or similar boats, but nothing that has the outboard motor area that is contained within the hull of the stern. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. I would love to buy it from him and restore it, but would like more info. on the boat before I make a call on it. Not sure what I would have to put into something like that. Cheers!


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