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    New Key Hopper Forum

    Well, thanks to Chris, we now have a new Key Hopper Forum page... I will watch to see who chims in, if you do, please let us know what year boat, what motor your running etc....If you have had alot of Key Hoppers love to hear that also.
  2. L

    Let's get this Sea Nymph board going!

    Hi fellow Sea Nymph boat owners,...I know we have got to have some out there. Though I am still new to the site,I suggested such a board be started because I did not see one on here when I joined the site. So,...what do you say we get this board going?:thumb::thumb:. I now own a '73 Sea Nymph...
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    Vegas Owners

    Lets hear from the guys with the 20 footers. What kind of egg-beaters are you runnin? Whats your favorite prop or props. I'm spinning a worked 28 pitch chopper with my 1987 200 Black carb motor, I've got tite-heads (150 lb's), Boysen reeds, and a lite-weight flywheel. Its got a Bob's modified...