1. J

    1979 Evinrude 25 hp tiller longshaft parting out

    My 1979 Evinrude 25 hp longshaft tiller threw a rod last week in canada. I've replaced it with a 1996 Johnson 30 hp longshaft, so I'm parting out the Evinrude. Everything is good on it except the block. Anyone looking for parts can drop me a line. I might keep a few things off it like the...
  2. Chris

    1965 Evinrude Brochure

    Here are some scans of a 1965 Evinrude Promotional Brochure. This one is a smaller version which features write ups on the various models. Hope you enjoy. :)
  3. Chris

    Vintage 1961 Evinrude Brochure

    Next brochure up is a vintage 1961 Evinrude brochure. Enjoy! :) -Chris
  4. Chris

    Vintage 1979 Evinrude Brochure Scans!

    Here's the next brochure to go up into our gallery, it's a vintage 1979 Evinrude Brochure. There are lots of neat motors and boats as well in this one. Enjoy! :)
  5. RNC

    1915 Evinrude

    This is a video of my friends 1915 Evinrude gub6eFoD0hg
  6. Chris

    1941 Evinrude Brochure

    The next brochure up is a 1941 Evinrude. This brochure is quite old and it also came with an original letter from the Evinrude company when it was sent out. It's pretty neat. :thumb: Enjoy! :) -Chris
  7. Chris

    100th Anniversary Commemorative Evinrude Brochure

    This is a really neat brochure. It's actually an insert into the new 2009 Evinrude Catalogue. So if you want a copy of this one, you can probably visit your local 'Rude dealer and pick one up. I picked this one up at my local 'Rude dealer Katrine Marine and I'd like to thank them kindly...
  8. C

    Evinrude compression numbers

    I have friend that's looking for the rated compression for a 1981 Evinrude 9.8. Does anyone know of a website that posts compression values for outboard motors?