1. Chris

    Brunswick Discontinues Maxxum Production

    Brunswick Corp. has announced that it will discontinue production of their Maxxum boat brand. Link to article below... -Chris
  2. Chris

    Brunswick to delay introduction of 2010 models

    Brunswick plans to delay the introduction of it's 2010 models until September 2009. The delay is being applauded by the The Marine Retailers Association of America as it will allow dealers to clear '09 inventory without being devalued by the introduction of the 2010 models. The brands that...
  3. Chris

    607K Government Grant for laid off Brunswick Workers

    Little Falls - A $607,400 government grant is aimed at helping laid off Brunswick employees. The displaced employees were formerly employed in Brunswick's, Crestliner and Lund plants. Here's a link to a full article. :) -Chris
  4. Chris

    Brunswick Reports 42 Percent Sales Decline 4th Quarter 2008

    Chicago January 29, 2009 Brunswick reported its 4th quarter results Thursday and the results weren't pretty. :o Overall sales for the fourth quarter 2008 were down 42 percent versus Q4 2007. The Mercury Marine Group engine division was down 46 percent for the same period. Link to full...
  5. Chris

    Brunswick to mothball Riverview Plant

    The good news for Brunswick keeps coming and coming. :( They have announced they plan to mothball their Riverview boat manufacturing which is in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. The Riverview location manufactures Sea Ray's. Production will be moved over to two other nearby plants in...
  6. Chris

    Brunswick to lay off 70 more employees

    Brunswick has laid off and additional 70 employees. The employees affected were previously employed at the companies Edgewater Florida boat plants. Brunswick has cut more than 1000 jobs in total. -Chris
  7. Chris

    Brunswick to close Trophy Plant

    The bad news just keeps coming and coming. Brunswick have announced their intention to close their Cumberland Trophy offshore fishing boats plant and move production to another one of their plants in Ashland Tennessee. Brunswick have already closed 12 plants over the last 2 years if you're...
  8. Chris

    Brunswick's debt rating downgraded

    Interesting article on Brunswick. Moody's Investor's Service recently downgraded Brunswick's debt rating to junk status. Brunswick's shares dipped 22% on the news to a 25 year low. Here's a link to the article. -Chris
  9. Chris

    Genmar to Re-enter the Aluminum Boat Market

    Genmar recently announced they will re-enter the aluminum boat manufacturing market. Genmar previously owned such brands as Lowe and Crestliner but sold out to Brunswick Corp. A link to a rather interesting article is posted below...
  10. Chris

    Brunswick Stock Takes Hit

    The bad news for Brunswick seems to keep coming. It's stock has taken quite a pounding lately, and according to the Associated Press, it has also been removed from the S&P 500. Link to full article below...
  11. Chris

    Brunswick to cut up to 4000 jobs

    A new article indicates that Brunswick will continue to make deep cuts which may cause the loss of up to 4000 jobs. The restructuring plan will also include the elimination of four Brunswicks brands. Link to article below. :( -Chris
  12. Chris

    Inside Brunswick

    Below is a link to a lengthy five part interview with Brunswick CEO, Dusty McCoy. Within the interview he indicates that Brunswick are currently performing a strategic review of their various marine brands. Reading between the lines it would appear they plan to restructure a number of them...