1. M

    First Time Expectant Parents on a Boat

    NOW CASTING FIRST TIME EXPECTANT PARENTS! Becoming a first time parent is exciting, unforgettable and... just a little bit scary! Your baby's first year will be filled with triumphs, milestones, and tears as you jump on the roller coaster ride called parenthood. Magilla Entertainment and a...
  2. Chris

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 16, 2011 Today marked the day when we take our annual trip to the Toronto International Boat Show. :) The weather was quite cold with the temperatures hovering around -12 Celsius and with the windchill supposedly it felt like -20 Celsius - at...
  3. Chris

    1972 Larson Brochure

    Here's the next Larson Brochure up, the 1972 edition. Thanks once again to Dale for taking the time to scan these for everyone. Here's the front cover. :)
  4. Chris

    Mastercraft to aquire Hydra-Sports

    It would appear that Mastercraft is poised to pick up the assets of Hydra-Sports. It should make for an interesting combo. I would imagine more brands from Genmar's stable are also about to find new homes and owners as well. Here is a link to the original article. :)...
  5. john lamon

    Avenger pics

    Here are some pics of the 78 avenger w/200 3.0 venom, manual j/p, sea star pro steering, 26 pitch raker prop, 82 mph. I am looking for another one of these boats, if anyone has any info that would be great, also if you have one of these and need info on the setup I would be glad to help.
  6. Chris

    Cigarette Racing Increases Workforce

    Here's a good news story for a change - Cigarette Racing has announced that it has recently increased it's workforce by 19 employees. The additional employees were a combination of recalled laid-off workers, as well as some new hires. Cigarette apparantly also plans to double the size of...
  7. Chris

    1975 Vintage Grew Brochure

    Here are some scans from a vintage 1975 Grew Brochure that I have. :thumb: Hope you enjoy! :) Here is the cover page. -Chris
  8. Chris

    1982 Bayliner Brochure

    Next Brochure up is a 1982 Bayliner! Time for a trip down memory-lane. :thumb: Enjoy! :) -Chris
  9. Chris

    1965 Steury Brochure

    Here's some scans from an vintage 1965 Steury Brochure I have in my collection. It came complete with a price list as well. :thumb: I'll put up a scan or two, every day or so. I hope you enjoy! :) -Chris
  10. 204 Escape

    What LARSON do you own ???

    In Aug. of 2007 we traded off our Viper, for a left over 2006 LARSON 204 Escape Fish/ski I/O deck boat.
  11. Chris

    1991 Baja Brochure

    Hey Gang, I've got something neat that I think you'll enjoy, it's a 1991 Baja Brochure. :) One of the neat aspects of this brochure is that it includes a bit of a bio on the history of Baja which some of our Baja Fans might be interested to read. And given the fact that Doug Smith has now...
  12. Chris

    Ribcraft to expand production facilities

    Finally a good news story for a change. :thumb: Ribcraft that specializes in building rigid inflatable boats is expanding their production facilities. Here's a link to an article. :) -Chris
  13. Chris

    Fun with Aluminum Boats!

    I saw this one on Scream & Fly and thought it was pretty funny. Thought I'd share it. :D xnJI0cKLh5E
  14. Chris

    Bennington Marine make top 5000 list

    How about a good news boating story for a change? Bennington Marine which designs and manufactures pontoon and deck boats reports 44.5% growth between 2004-2007. Kind of an interesting sector to see growing at such a pace. I guess people want to be on the water and want to go boating, but...
  15. Chris

    Shoalwater Boats Factory Fire

    On September 6, 2008 the Shoalwater Boats factory in Port O'Conner Texas was destroyed by fire. :( Link to full article below.... -Chris
  16. Chris

    President Bush Signs Clean Boating Act

    Last week, President Bush signed into law the Clean Boating Act of 2008. Contrary to what the name of the act would lead you to believe... According to the NMMA; The Act protects the more than 17 million recreational boats throughout the U.S. from “unprecedented and unnecessary federal...
  17. Chris

    2008 Antique & Classic Boat Show-Gravenhurst Ontario

    Gravenhurst, Ontario - July 5, 2008 On July 5, 2008 the Town of Gravenhurst, Ontario hosted the 28th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show. The show was organized by ACBS of Toronto, and featured a great selection of Antique and Classic Wood and early-era fiberglass boats. For the year...
  18. Chris

    The Member's Rides Thread!

    Alrighty Gang, This is our never ending Member's Rides Thread! This is the place to show the community your best pic or two of your rig or rigs! On Endless Boating it's a "run what cha brung" affair, so let's see what cha got! Big, small, fast or slow it doesn't matter. If it floats then...
  19. Chris

    Donzi Pics

    Here's a few vintage classic Donzi pics from the 1970 Mercruiser Brochure. They're also posted in the gallery which the rest of the brochure. Enjoy! :)