1. W

    North Carolina

    Anyone else boat in North Carolina? We spend a lot of time out on Jordan Lake and Kerr Lake. Also been to Lake Gaston. Beautiful!!
  2. J

    Happy Easter! I recently donated some time to local youth sailing group.Check it out!

    Happy Easter Group! I hope you are all enjoying some deserved time off (and on your boat!). I recently donated some time to a local youth sailing group. Check it out at :surf: John
  3. Chris

    Approaching 1000 Total Members Mark!

    Hi Gang, We're quickly approaching a little milestone - that being we're very close to signing up our 1000th member. I would think we're only a few days or so away now. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the plunge, joining up and participating in building our community. With your...
  4. Chris

    Power Cruising Magazine to Suspend Print Operations

    Another sign of the tough economic times I suppose... Power Cruising Magazine will suspend print operations after the January/February issue. Some of the content and features will be folded into Power Cruising Magazine's sister publication Motor Boating Magazine, also owned by the same...
  5. Chris

    Local Chapters

    Hey Gang, I've created a local chapter forum divided into the different boating areas here on planet earth. If anyone would like to suggest a specific chapter forum for their specific area, please do so in the board feedback forum (or here in this thread if you prefer) and if there is...
  6. Chris

    1967 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    Next brochure to go up into the gallery is the '67 Mercury Outboard Brochure. Look for a few pages to go up every day or two until it's complete. Enjoy! :) -Chris
  7. Chris

    200 Total Member Milestone Passed!

    Hey Gang, Yesterday we passed the 200 total member mark here on Endless Boating. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to join our community. We're getting there! I'm looking forward to reading your posts and hearing your boating stories on the forums. :thumb: Thanks again...
  8. Chris

    The Member's Rides Thread!

    Alrighty Gang, This is our never ending Member's Rides Thread! This is the place to show the community your best pic or two of your rig or rigs! On Endless Boating it's a "run what cha brung" affair, so let's see what cha got! Big, small, fast or slow it doesn't matter. If it floats then...
  9. Chris

    Board Milestones

    First Post by 175Checkmate (Gus) on June 11, 2007 100th Post - June 20, 2007 200th Post - June 26, 2007 300th Post - July 10, 2007 400th Post - July 30, 2007 500th Post - Aug 13, 2007 600th Post - Sept. 1, 2007 700th Post - Sept. 29, 2007 800th Post - Nov. 9, 2007 900th Post - Nov. 30. 2007...