Trailer set up for 1987 241 Linberator


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Are there any 1986-87-88 241 liberator owners out there that have their boat on a bunk style trailer?
The boat is in rack storage and I can't get to it until the spring.
I had to buy a trailer for it, so I picked up a 1994 Sur Line tandem axle bunk style trailer. The company is no longer in business so that's no help.
It has a total of four bunks two outer and two down the center.
I'm wanting to set up trailer the best I can so when I pick up boat in spring I won't have to do a lot of adjustments.
Everything on the trailer is adjustable.
Measurements if anyone can provide would be of great help.
Height of outer bunks as it relates to transom and trailer frame?
Height of center bunks as it relates to v bottom hull?
The location and measurements of hull strakes from the outside chines so I can adjust the bunks in or out as needed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have checked online, but there is nothing really out there.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi there, if you are still looking for some measurement help for the boat/trailer, you might also want to try posting this same question over on iboats too as I do believe we have a few active members that own some liberator boat models... Trailers and Towing

Hope you get it figured out, good luck.