starting engine rebuild


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i am going to start the rebuild this week. i got the engine back from the machine shop, it was bored out .020'' to clean up the marks in the cyclinder walls and i got them to press the new pistons on the rods. i have t strip the heads and send them down to be planed but for now i can assemble the short block.


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Sounds like fun Dave. :thumb:

What else are you doing to it?

Are you going to mess around with the cam etc., or are you just doing a basic rebuild. :)


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Just curious did you see anything wrong with the engine or the boat from when it went under? I know it was not under that long.

Good luck with your rebuild.:cheers:


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where this was an engine that i got for free, i just wanted to have a look and see what it was like inside, it wasn't bad for an old truck engine even after it was sunk. the cyclinder walls were glazed when i took it apart but other than that it was in good shape. i figured wile it was apart i would freshen up the bore, install speed pro pistons, put in a performance marine cam from compcams replace the lifters, oil pump, timing chain and sprockets and install a gm performance hi-rise cast iron manifold. i will also build silent choise exhaust for it.


The heads are the key spot for performance. If up grading the camshaft 99% of the time the stock used springs or junk on stock heads. Only a unprofessional machinist will add shims on stock springs to boost spring pressure up. I recommend buying a complete cam kit that comes with cam, lifters, springs, retainers, locks, Correct valve train geometry is the most important thing in any engine build.

I like comp cam's and have used them since 1988. They sell a complete kit

On a small camshaft the high rise intake will hurt your performance. The best all around intake for a mild engine is the Edelbrock performer intake.


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i will upgrade all the valve gear as well but the edelbrok intake is made from aluminum and salt water will eat them out in less than a year, ok for fresh water only but i boat in both so i will skick with cast iron.