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For those of you from Southern California. Where are the best places for boating, water skiing etc? We recently bought a new boat, but have not spent much time on the water down here.

We have been to Castaic and Pyramid with it. There OK, but I want some room to roam & open it up. They both have 35 mph speed limits.

Would love to hear some suggestions.

Thanks Much

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Well with out going to the river, Lake mead, Or the ocean where there is no speed limits, We have Lake Elsinore, And that is a good lake to start out on to get use to the 'boat' for the first few times. On weekday's the center of the lake has a high speed zone, [No limit at all] There is 2 set's of orange buoys out in the center of the lake, That is the high speed zone. The best and safest way to go down the high speed zone is to head north, Like if you where follwing the I 15 north.;) But kind of stay a little more to the right side between the buoys on your way down Because the lake is counter clock wise around the out side of the center orange buoys at 35 MPH. That area used to be a high speed zone all the time, But they ask you not to do it on the weekends now for safty. But the police do not bug you to much out there if you do it safely here and there.:sssh: And now that it is not the busy season Any more they really are not out there any more, Even on weekends that I remember.;) I have been 111 MPH out there in a 24 HTM cat style boat. And Eliminator boats have tested there boats at 138 out there before, So you should have some room to play out there while staying close to home. Now keep in mind some people will water ski in the lake, But just try varry varry hard not drink any of the water or you may get :sick:. That water is not the cleanest, I'll keep it at that till you see it for your self.:D Other then this lake every thing eles is 35 mph around here that I know of anyways. Also here is a link to where I talked a little bit about our lakes around here in socal.
Well I hope this helps you out a little.:cheers:

What kind of Boat/Engine do you have???:drool::)
Also what city are you in???


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Boat Tech,

Thanks for all the useful info. It sounds like Elsinore is the only real place without a speed limit. We live in the high desert Lancaster/Palmdale area real close to Pyramid and Castaic, but we'll have to make the trip down there while the weather is still good.

We'll never get anywhere close to your 111mph. We own a 22 ft Larson Senza with a 300 hp 5.7 Volvo engine. We've almost made it to the break in point (20 hrs) and I've really been itching to use it. I can't tell you how difficult it has been to hold back.

Thanks for the head up on the water at Elsinore. Sounds scary. I'll be sure not to drink any of it.:D