Servicing my 115 mercury outboard


I plan to drop my merc of to a technican today and have him service it. I have never had this engine started and was planning on having him check the carbs and timing belt. Is there anything else I should have check while it is in the shop.

john lamon

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It would be a good idea to check the water pump, and I would also change the gear oil in the lower unit.

good luck :cheers:
A good Service Man should do all things needed, simply when you request a complete Service.
Make sure to let him know that you have never heard it run. :)


heard back from repairman today. NOT good. Apparently the Stator,Switchboxes and recitifier are burnt. The guy i bought the boat and motor from fried the thing. When I bought the boat and motor the guy told us that the motor was definitly the best deal of the two, what a load os S**t.

Anyway I will bring the motor home and replace the unit myself and take it back for the final touch-up's.

Anyone know for a good used outboard motor parts store. LOL

Look on the positive side have now have a great boat(Need Paddles) LOL
A compression test would probably be a good thing also if not already done.

Look on the brightside, if you got the better deal, think about the poor guy who gets the other motor.


Hello All

Finally got my motor back from the Shop today. Took a little while to pay the bill, since the shop charged me over a grand for the work. I had the Stator , switchboxes and rectifer replaced. I purchased them through some company in the States.

The motor is running great, had a small fuel pump issue but I think I might have that solved, fuel was draining back in to the tank so I put a Prime bulb in.

I have ordered my prop from a company in Vancouver, BC. Cheapes I could find. I can get the prop for $156.95 deleverd to the door. Verus $300+ here on the rock.

All is left now is to water test. Hopefully next weekend.

Wish me luck. just hope nothing else goes wrong.