need a lefthand gearcase for a 200 merk. my tunnel is dead in the yard, after my friends said they seen the props 3' out the water. i guess it must have dried up. i did too before i idoled in for an hour on the right hand, after the 2 minute flight to get out there. need a 20 lefty, it dont need reverse. :(
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sorry to tell dave that he just lost his prop, and he cant get it back until he goes dolphin watching, sees were there used to be a ship wreck, and makes my boat go fast. im tired of smiling..
whos this dave? i hope he aint some freak who knows rick. fast boats scare me. i dont want speed. speedboating cant be measured in miles per hour around this bunch of fools. you forgot. its how close the corner of your mouth gets to your ear, and if you made it back to the dock without running out of gas or blowing up. either way, it always ends up with a smile hahahaha
smilemaker rules

i would want to avoid ever comparing any high priced boats to a smilemaker, and dont look at both same time. transome looks like it might break off from the cracks, do to it being a crackmate, but think of crabcake im going to buy you when you beat me to tangeir. bring your best, biggest & fastest when you want race me to that crabcake. last week my 21 enchanter was a gill netting boat and still smells of bunker, but this week it might be a flying machine worthy of jarring your brain on what you spent on your boat.:sssh: unfortunately my smilemaker #1 has some new bodily damage. cracked fiberglass all over it, missing chunk of hull due to low tide, bent prop due to global warming taking peices of my dock floating me for the hit. whats worse of all is i ran out of gas because i forgot to buy some before i went out. bring it on, aint no race for speed or see who can beat the other anymore, because your boat might crack up like mine, but mine aint going bust when you enter that rhealm of bay chop, that leaves my friends with smile hangovers. cant make it to work cause cheeks are hurting, fools. :thumb:bring me a million for gas wait till we black out the heavy arterilly:drool:


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the stuff in my cup is not beer, because beer gets me drunk too quick. i drink what i call nectar of the gods, black magic, black velvet and ginger ale, and thers one in my hand right now. cant go boating cause is raining like crazy. im 24/7/365 when it comes to flying boats. chincoteague island to ocean city last sunday 20 minutes. ill drink to that
hey fool

i just heard the first complimate from a waterman today that you were a genious, and he said that 75 was the most beautiful creation he had ever seen. how you think i feel? his cheek mustles aint hurting as much as minesuper dave packed a 2.5 handgrenade into a 75-4 stroke cover. hes god.
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im shouting

:yell: hear me? i want it, i need it. how can i get it? dont forget im a redneck, so your price depends on whether ill have gas money left to use it. found the other on ebay & it was a racing case, only in forward all the time. dont need reverse, as we only like go forward. how can we communicate? you tell me. cant get this one apart, and even if dave could, i probably wouldnt make it in after we fixed it anyway. you know us redneck fools. whats the price? 757-710-0097


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20 inch lefty

it will fit the 2.4 or 2.5 either or. the shipping it here wont be cheap, but if you guarantee its good, or if you can hook us eastern shore fools up with parts, we would appreciate the help from you folks down in the boat capital. got a friend down there, gunscoot@aol.com, whos looking around for me. hard to find old merk short shafts. we need both rights and a spare left. scared to say what id pay for a lefty, because the price of gas is too high right now, but a good flight for 3 minutes in my tunnel is priceless. hook us fools up with parts, and we will bring some crabcakes to florida. will trade fresh picked lump blue crab tangeir hand picked crab meat for gear case. :)


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smilemaker charters

just sit still fool and be quiet. we aint pulled up an this tump in the middle of the bay for nothing. cast your rod, set the clicker, and keep the gaf hook in the other hand without beer. first peeler run is coming, and i wont catch a fish if i catch a left hand gearcase


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come on friends, help an old redneck chesapeake bay fool find a lefthand gearcase for his sangar alleycat, and youll get the ride to tangeir island & back, complete crabmeat experience, & then the chincoteague island hardshell experience, oysters & clams, all within 12 hours of daylight due to the longer days, because its only 5 miles from the dock on bayside, until im pulling up to chincoteague inn, after flying aroun the island, all in one day. bring a doggybag, thats if were still hungry, after the adrenalin smorgasborg. its always better when you cook it fresh at home, especially when i make it home. heres to the seafood overdose, and how would you feel if you got tired of eating fresh seafood all your life. dont ask me....
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Smilemaker...you make me smile therefore you must be the coolest cat in this forum next to Chris. Unfortunately, I can't help you out with motor parts. I do hope one day to have the pleasure meeting you at a boating event.
senior fool

sat on here all night talking to myself in blackout. thats what happens when i get jonzing for a boat flight. its sunday & im going, & ill take som pics.:p heres my tunnel


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super dave

sat on here all night talking to myself in blackout. thats what happens when i get jonzing for a boat flight. its sunday & im going, & ill take som pics.:p heres my tunnel
dave is a new yorker turned redneck, who doesnt know anything other than a mercury motor. hes old school mercury einstein, specializing in powerheads. even when people out on the bay cant see me, they know what his motors sound like. 1 of a kind, handgrenades. i would never have had fun cruising & fishing, until i met dave who turned me on to flying boats:bigthumb: merkman repairs, aka damned fools club, dave for president, heres whats coming next


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