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Hi Guys

Please i need your help/Views re some issues im concerned about .
As you can see from the 1st 2 photos outboard seem a bit low installed. Agree? From what i was searching in internet i think i will raise height to 1 or 2 holes up. What are your views? Dealer confirmed that it is correctly installed but to my surprise came across to 2 other boats exactly the same as mine and OB are adjusted higher. As i have to pull OB out i will be renting an Engine hoist in order to work securely. Is it ok? Also re the 3 rd photo( Inside bilge area where OB bolts are) i was thinking of putting a plate stainless or aluminium or else i attach some marine plywood in order for bolts to tension with the plate or wood so that bolts do not make direct contact with transom. Views? Is it better to order new sets of Mounting bolts or i can use the same ones? Ob is fairly new 130 hours. When installing will it be ok to put Lifeseal life caulk in bolts or do you recommend something else ( better) or 3M 4200? Will scrape the old silicone that attaches OB with the outside of the transom do you suggest to add something between OB and transom or by putting the recommended silicone/caulk would be enough? Re 4 th picture i think i will install a stainless plate between the bolts is it necessary?
As you are aware before doing the job i appreciate your kind honest help as im not that technically inclined but i prefer doing a good job or else dont do nothing and leave everything as it is. Your honest suggestions are more than welcome Thanks a lot Guys. Bless.



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Hi Karnic,

There is really not a standard hard set rule, for height for mounting an outboard motor on most transoms. In fact, some boats have jackplates which allow the owner to either manually, or electrically adjust the height. The height of the motor on the transom definitely can affect performance though. And having the motor mounted too high on the transom, can create issues with the lower unit pulling water for cooling as well. Trim and tilt and the height of the motor all work together and will have an effect on how a boat will run. I hope that simplified answer helps.