dumb question #????


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is there a value in running 2 70hp outboards vs 1 140hp outboard?

if there is i would assume they should both be new or have same compression for balance?

what is in my head is a small boat with a lot of hp 2 motors would be more stable.

negatives, weight, gas usage, $$ involved? other?
positive, less chine walk?
unknown, different acceleration and top end - better or worse? different props?

just toying around with it.

Chris E

my understanding is that you will have more drag and less speed, more fuel used, 70's don't come in counter rotation and you would have more torque steer, obviously more maintenance and more to go wrong. the only plus is that if one pukes you'll have one to get back home on.


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I think Chris nailed it.

The pro would be having an extra engine if one goes kaput.


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seems like a bad idea, if i have trouble with chine walk will just have to look into tabs. all this is assuming i get it the mx16 to float. rofl


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Old thread,but I gotta say it.

If you do a lot of open water running,2 70's would be a good thing.If one quits,you can still get home.

Oh wait.Chris said that.:yikes::brickwall::shakehead:

How about this.2 motors hanging off the back looks cool!:thumb: