88 bayliner capri restoration


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Im a newbe to the forum and to boating but im very good at doing all types of projects especially with wood. I purchased this 88 16' bayliner with the intention of redoing the entire interior of the boat all the wood id rotted. The engine and the out drive are in very good condition. I have removed most of the flooring but also found that the stringers have to be replaced not a big deal but then I found that the main beams have rot also. I was thinking that I would reinforce the the main beams with a parallel piece of trex deck and bolting them together then fiberglassing them so I wanted to know if anyone else has had to replace the main beams and if my idea was a good one or not and if not why and is there a better way.

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Welcome aboard trief - nice to have you with us.

Perhaps you could post a few pictures of your hull.

I'll see if I can ask a few of our members that have redone some transoms, floors, stringers etc. if they can chime in and give you some advice. :)



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i just re-did mine last summer. i don't think it is a good idea to reinforce the engine beds if they are rotton they need to be replaced.


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The beds are in good shape just the stringers have some bad spots, I patch the bad spots ran another reenforcement stringer and gladded them together.. Now working on the cross panels then the deck..


I would glass everything, Dont leave any wood exposed. Use at least one Layer of fine mat and One layer of roving mat. The fine mat acts has a absorbant for the Roving. The roving mat the strenght for the Fibreglass.

I just did my Crestliner and I replaced the complete deck, Stringer and Main Keel. Buried everything in Glass and now it is really strong.

Just my opinion.