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hey im a new member also a new boat owner..i recently bought a 1972 steury 50 horsepower outboard..it needs a little work on the deck,plywood,fiberglass some wiring.The man i bought it from said it sat for 10 years but it started before it sat.the engines not locked up so that a plus.i dont know alot about boats but some info would be great maybe a place to find parts, seats,etc..


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Welcome aboard Rob.

We've had a few Steury owners here over the years.

There kind of rare it seems, I gather Steury was a small builder.


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bought a 1972 steury 50 horsepower outboard..+ a place to find parts.
Hi there, What engine model you have?

An engine serial and or model number depending on engine brand is typically needed to help find correct engine parts if/when needed.