1965 Steury Information/help?


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I am hoping that someone might be able to help me out. I have a 1965 16ft Stuery with a inbord/outboard 4cyl orginal engine made by GM, looks just like the one to the far right on the brochure cover that was posted. I am not sure of the exact specs. I am looking for two carbs that were damaged and the rear boot that fits on the hull to the outdrive. More important for me is the boot?,
Also looking for any information on the engine and/or books on the install of the engine, was taken out and rebuilt by a friend who no longer is around and beed help to reinstall the engine.
I have not been able to find one and need it to finish installing the outdrive. Do you have any adivce on where to get these parts, would be a great help.

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as far as i know you can still get the boot for your omc stringer from your omc dealer, they will probally be able to give you the spec on the carbs you need as well and you can order rebuilt ones from you auto parts store.