1. Chris

    Donzi Reports Increase in Retail Sales

    Here's some good news for a change. :thumb: Donzi Marine is reporting that they've seen a noticable increase in retail sales - hopefully this is a sign that things are starting to turn the corner. :) Link to full article below... -Chris
  2. Chris

    1965 Evinrude Brochure

    Here are some scans of a 1965 Evinrude Promotional Brochure. This one is a smaller version which features write ups on the various models. Hope you enjoy. :)
  3. Chris

    Powerboat Sales Continue to Decline

    Powerboat sales continue to decline on a year over year basis. Interesting of note, stern drives sales were down approximately 40%, whilst outboard models were down 27%. Link to full article below. :) -Chris
  4. Chris

    Fountain Reports Steep Sales Decline Q2 2009

    Fountain reported their second quarter results for 2009. The results reflect the seriousness of the current economic climate. Sales declined steeply and were off almost 40 percent. Full link to article below... -Chris
  5. Chris

    Yamaha launches end of year promotion!

    Yamaha Marine has launched a year end promotion titled "Why Wait? Buy Now". The promotion provides for a 3 year warranty or a credit towards good or services. Details or the promotion can be found by clicking the link below. :)...
  6. Chris

    RBC Survey Confirms Boating Industry Weakness

    RBC has released an interesting survey which indicates demands for new boats is down 30% or more according to the dealers they surveyed. In contrast, dealers reported that used boat sales are holding up better relatively speaking. Full link to article below. :o...