1. Chris

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 16, 2011 Today marked the day when we take our annual trip to the Toronto International Boat Show. :) The weather was quite cold with the temperatures hovering around -12 Celsius and with the windchill supposedly it felt like -20 Celsius - at...
  2. R

    New Key Hopper Forum

    Well, thanks to Chris, we now have a new Key Hopper Forum page... I will watch to see who chims in, if you do, please let us know what year boat, what motor your running etc....If you have had alot of Key Hoppers love to hear that also.
  3. Chris

    Stingray Pics from 2010 Toronto International Boat Show

    Here are a few pics of a Stingray that was at the 2010 Toronto International Boat Show. :)
  4. Chris

    2010 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 14, 2010 Well, yesterday marked the date for our annual trip down to the Toronto International Boat Show. We're enjoying a very welcomed mild spell here in Toronto, mild translating into temperatures a few degrees above celsius. :p But unlike...
  5. Chris

    Humber Jewel Pics!

    I took these a few years back at the 2008 Toronto International Boat Show. Thought I'd share these in this dedicated thread, in case their are others who have a Humber Jewel or are interested in them. :) -Chris
  6. Chris

    1967 Larson Brochure

    Every couple of days or so, I'll be posting vintage 1967 Larson Brochure scans as well as adding them to the photo-gallery. :) I'd like to thank Dale, who has spent quite a bit of time scanning these from his collection, for the community to enjoy - thanks Dale! :thumb: Enjoy! :bounce:
  7. Chris

    2002 Johnson Brochure Scans

    I'm working on scanning and cleaning up a 2002 Johnson Brochure. :thumb: I'll post a couple of page scans every few days or so. Enjoy! :) -Chris
  8. Chris

    1965 Mercury Brochure Scans!

    I dug this vintage 1965 Mercury Brochure out of my collection. :) Enjoy! :thumb:
  9. Chris

    1965 Steury Brochure

    Here's some scans from an vintage 1965 Steury Brochure I have in my collection. It came complete with a price list as well. :thumb: I'll put up a scan or two, every day or so. I hope you enjoy! :) -Chris
  10. Chris

    2009 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 14, 2009 So, it's -20ish degrees Celsius here in Toronto, Lake Ontario looks like a skating rink... :yell: ...Sounds like a good time to go to the 2009 Toronto International Boat Show! :D :) Yolanda has taken an absolute ton of pictures, so...
  11. Chris

    1991 Baja Brochure

    Hey Gang, I've got something neat that I think you'll enjoy, it's a 1991 Baja Brochure. :) One of the neat aspects of this brochure is that it includes a bit of a bio on the history of Baja which some of our Baja Fans might be interested to read. And given the fact that Doug Smith has now...
  12. Chris

    1941 Evinrude Brochure

    The next brochure up is a 1941 Evinrude. This brochure is quite old and it also came with an original letter from the Evinrude company when it was sent out. It's pretty neat. :thumb: Enjoy! :) -Chris
  13. C

    1996 Checkmate Pulse170

    Here are some pictures of my 1996 Checkmate pulse 170 w/ a 1999 200HP EFI Mercury hanging off the back.
  14. Chris

    Chris' 2008 Cottage Shots!

    Well, the big day is finally here, almost. It's the night before we open up the cottage, after closing up and being away since late last November. When we left, it was already snowing and staying on the ground. Closing up is always a crap shoot as we try to go as long as we can and some years...