1. john lamon

    Avenger pics

    Here are some pics of the 78 avenger w/200 3.0 venom, manual j/p, sea star pro steering, 26 pitch raker prop, 82 mph. I am looking for another one of these boats, if anyone has any info that would be great, also if you have one of these and need info on the setup I would be glad to help.
  2. H

    is this the right prop

    i have a 21 ft pontoon with a merc 60 hp four stroke big ft engine i am only getting about 15 mph does this sound right the prop is a 14x10 red line on engine is 6000 wot will over rev the engine any suggetions on how to get more speed or correct prop size :brickwall:
  3. Chris

    Vintage 1961 Evinrude Brochure

    Next brochure up is a vintage 1961 Evinrude brochure. Enjoy! :) -Chris
  4. Chris

    Brunswick to lay off 70 more employees

    Brunswick has laid off and additional 70 employees. The employees affected were previously employed at the companies Edgewater Florida boat plants. Brunswick has cut more than 1000 jobs in total. http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=1909999 -Chris
  5. Chris

    Fun with Aluminum Boats!

    I saw this one on Scream & Fly and thought it was pretty funny. Thought I'd share it. :D xnJI0cKLh5E
  6. Chris

    Vintage 1979 Evinrude Brochure Scans!

    Here's the next brochure to go up into our gallery, it's a vintage 1979 Evinrude Brochure. There are lots of neat motors and boats as well in this one. Enjoy! :)
  7. Chris

    Yamaha launches end of year promotion!

    Yamaha Marine has launched a year end promotion titled "Why Wait? Buy Now". The promotion provides for a 3 year warranty or a credit towards good or services. Details or the promotion can be found by clicking the link below. :)...
  8. Chris

    1962 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    Hi Gang, The next brochure up is a vintage 1962 Mercury Outboard. I'll put up a couple of scans every couple of days. The first couple are coming right up.... Enjoy! :) -Chris
  9. Chris

    2 Yamaha Outboards Awarded "Best Buy" Ratings

    Two Yamaha Outboards, the V MAX Series 2 VZ250 and V MAX Series 2 VZ300 have been rated as "Best Buys" by Consumer Reports. Link to article here... http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=1692343 -Chris