1. Chris

    NMMA sells Toronto International Boat Show

    An interesting development that our Canadian readers might find interesting. The NMMA has sold the Toronto International Boat Show to Canadian Boat Shows Inc. Here's a link to the press release. :) http://www.nmma.org/news/news.asp?id=17820&sid=3&emc=lm&m=34977&l=24&v=39382 -Chris
  2. Chris

    NMMA Estimates Half of Marine Industry Unemployed

    In a recent report, The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) estimated that as of March 2009, approximately one half of the marine industry is currently unemployed. :eyecrazy: :yikes: I would say that is a fairly staggering number although probably not unexpected either given the...
  3. Chris

    President Bush Signs Clean Boating Act

    Last week, President Bush signed into law the Clean Boating Act of 2008. Contrary to what the name of the act would lead you to believe... According to the NMMA; The Act protects the more than 17 million recreational boats throughout the U.S. from “unprecedented and unnecessary federal...