1. A

    "For Sale" 2 Restored Vintage Boat motors!! They Run!!

    I have 2 vintage boat motors in perfect condition. They have been refurbished with the use of the original parts. The original parts have all been refurbished. The motors have been repainted to match the original color. Motor 1: 1942 Sears Waterwitch (3.5 hp) Motor 2: 1949 Wizard (6hp)...
  2. Chris

    Power Cruising Magazine to Suspend Print Operations

    Another sign of the tough economic times I suppose... Power Cruising Magazine will suspend print operations after the January/February issue. Some of the content and features will be folded into Power Cruising Magazine's sister publication Motor Boating Magazine, also owned by the same...
  3. Chris

    1975 Johnson Brochure

    Time for another brochure. Imagine that? :D This one is the 1975 Johnson Outboard catalogue. There are lots of good pics in this one! :thumb: Enjoy! :)