1. R

    90hp mercury pulls hard to right

    2017 mercury outboard 90 hp (1F904531D and 2B393883) on a 2017 Suntracker 21 foot pontoon boat. Suddenly motor started pulling hard to the right. Just before this started happening I bumped into a boat dock (not too hard) and then I was fishing around submerged trees and a boat wave lifted my...
  2. T

    Advice on outboards

    Hi, okay so i am looking into buying a Ranger or a Champion Bass boat for my first purchase. They are both 18.5 footers, but the Champion has the Merc. 150 xr6 and the Ranger has the Johnson 175 VRO. The engines are both from the 80's (I think). I have read up on both and the merc seems to...
  3. Chris

    For the luv of Mercs!

    I found this video on YouTube of an old Twister running on a vintage Allison. It's awesome! Enjoy! kWNlECuQvb0
  4. Chris

    1965 Mercury Brochure Scans!

    I dug this vintage 1965 Mercury Brochure out of my collection. :) Enjoy! :thumb:
  5. Chris

    Hydrostream Videos

    I found a few cool Hydrosteam Videos and thought I'd share. First one is a Viper with an old Merc inline. e3_fWI-fbnQ
  6. Chris

    Brunswick to lay off 70 more employees

    Brunswick has laid off and additional 70 employees. The employees affected were previously employed at the companies Edgewater Florida boat plants. Brunswick has cut more than 1000 jobs in total. -Chris
  7. Chris

    "For Sale" Wildman's Custom 21' Liberator

    I'm posting this on behalf of one of supporting vendors Randy "Wildman" Corson. You can contact him via PM through the board or also direct using the contact information below. There are also additional pics in the gallery or you can visit this thread! Here is his listing. :) I just...
  8. Chris

    21' Custom Liberator

    I thought I'd post up some pics of a Custom 21' Liberator that one of our supporting vendors "Wildman" just finished up. Here's what Wildman has done and installed on this water-rocker. - A custom pearl paintjob - Livorsi Monster guages - GPS - 800 watt stereo - Seastar steering - 12"...
  9. Chris

    Mercury Marine to reduce workforce by 160 Positions

    Citing lower demand and a slumping marine market, Mercury has indicated they plan to reduce their hourly workforce by 160 positions at their Fond du Lac production facility. Approximately 2500 people are employed at Fond du Lac. Link to article below. :(...
  10. Chris

    1967 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    Next brochure to go up into the gallery is the '67 Mercury Outboard Brochure. Look for a few pages to go up every day or two until it's complete. Enjoy! :) -Chris
  11. Chris

    1962 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    Hi Gang, The next brochure up is a vintage 1962 Mercury Outboard. I'll put up a couple of scans every couple of days. The first couple are coming right up.... Enjoy! :) -Chris
  12. Chris

    1994 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    The next brochure I'm going to put up in the gallery is the 1994 Mercury Outboard brochure. 1994 doesn't sound like that long ago, but that's 14 years ago now. :eyecrazy: Enjoy! :)
  13. J

    Power Trims Problems - 75 Mercury ELPTO

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and would like some help. I have a 2001 Bass Tracker with a 2002 75 Mercury ELPTO. Today, when I got home the battery was dead and the motor was trimmed all the way up. After I charged the battery and moved the trim down, it started making it's way back up again...
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