1. Chris

    Mastercraft to aquire Hydra-Sports

    It would appear that Mastercraft is poised to pick up the assets of Hydra-Sports. It should make for an interesting combo. I would imagine more brands from Genmar's stable are also about to find new homes and owners as well. Here is a link to the original article. :)...
  2. Chris

    Mastercraft lays off an additional 110 workers

    More bad news... Mastercraft has annouced it is laying off an additional 110 workers, this follows 56 workers which were laid off last month. Mastercraft reports it's daily production has dropped from an average of 20 boats per day in the 2008 model year, to approximately 5 per day at...
  3. Chris

    Mastercraft Reduces Workforce

    Eight additional employees were laid off this week, bringing the total amount of employees that have been laid off since the fall to approximately 100. At the height of demand, Mastercraft reported they were producing 19 boats per day, production is now approximately 10 per day. Some of the...