1. Chris

    For the luv of Mercs!

    I found this video on YouTube of an old Twister running on a vintage Allison. It's awesome! Enjoy! kWNlECuQvb0
  2. Chris

    Donzi Reports Increase in Retail Sales

    Here's some good news for a change. :thumb: Donzi Marine is reporting that they've seen a noticable increase in retail sales - hopefully this is a sign that things are starting to turn the corner. :) Link to full article below... -Chris
  3. Chris

    1965 Mercury Brochure Scans!

    I dug this vintage 1965 Mercury Brochure out of my collection. :) Enjoy! :thumb:
  4. Chris

    NMMA Estimates Half of Marine Industry Unemployed

    In a recent report, The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) estimated that as of March 2009, approximately one half of the marine industry is currently unemployed. :eyecrazy: :yikes: I would say that is a fairly staggering number although probably not unexpected either given the...
  5. Chris

    Boater's World Parent Company Files for Chapter 11

    Ritz Camera Centers Inc. the parent company of Boater's World, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Ritz operates approximately 130 Boater's World Marine Center locations. Link to full articles below.
  6. Chris

    2001 Baja Brochure Scans

    Next brochure up! It's the 2001 Baja Brochure. :) Here's the cover... Enjoy! :surf:
  7. Chris

    Boating Related Ethanol Lawsuit Moves Forward

    A Florida lawsuit which was filed against six oil companies alleges negligence for failing to warn boat owners of potential harm from ethanol-blended gasoline, is moving forward. The defendants in the case had made a motion to dismiss the case, but that case has survived the motion. Here's a...
  8. Chris

    1997 Baja Brochure

    The next brochure up is another Baja one, it's the 1997 edition. :) Here's the cover.... Enjoy! :thumb:
  9. Chris

    Market conditions described as "war zone"

    A analyst with RBC Capital Markets recently described the consumer durables and the marine market as a war zone. This analyst surveyed 500 leisure product dealers and concluded that marine and RV dealers have been hit particularly hard. Here's link to an article...
  10. Chris

    Mercury Marine to reduce workforce by 160 Positions

    Citing lower demand and a slumping marine market, Mercury has indicated they plan to reduce their hourly workforce by 160 positions at their Fond du Lac production facility. Approximately 2500 people are employed at Fond du Lac. Link to article below. :(...
  11. Chris

    Yamaha launches end of year promotion!

    Yamaha Marine has launched a year end promotion titled "Why Wait? Buy Now". The promotion provides for a 3 year warranty or a credit towards good or services. Details or the promotion can be found by clicking the link below. :)...
  12. Chris

    Bennington Marine make top 5000 list

    How about a good news boating story for a change? Bennington Marine which designs and manufactures pontoon and deck boats reports 44.5% growth between 2004-2007. Kind of an interesting sector to see growing at such a pace. I guess people want to be on the water and want to go boating, but...
  13. Chris

    Boating Industry Prepares for New EPA Standards

    The EPA recently introduced new emission and fuel system standards. An additional standard will require marine engines to now a meet carbon monoxide standard as well. Link to full article below... -Chris
  14. Chris

    1967 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    Next brochure to go up into the gallery is the '67 Mercury Outboard Brochure. Look for a few pages to go up every day or two until it's complete. Enjoy! :) -Chris