1. Chris

    Mastercraft lays off an additional 110 workers

    More bad news... Mastercraft has annouced it is laying off an additional 110 workers, this follows 56 workers which were laid off last month. Mastercraft reports it's daily production has dropped from an average of 20 boats per day in the 2008 model year, to approximately 5 per day at...
  2. Chris

    607K Government Grant for laid off Brunswick Workers

    Little Falls - A $607,400 government grant is aimed at helping laid off Brunswick employees. The displaced employees were formerly employed in Brunswick's, Crestliner and Lund plants. Here's a link to a full article. :) -Chris
  3. Chris

    Mastercraft Reduces Workforce

    Eight additional employees were laid off this week, bringing the total amount of employees that have been laid off since the fall to approximately 100. At the height of demand, Mastercraft reported they were producing 19 boats per day, production is now approximately 10 per day. Some of the...
  4. Chris

    BRP to cut production and workforce

    Due to the current global economic slowdown, BRP has announced they plan to cut production volumes in the coming year by approximately 20 percent as well cut expenses and make organizational changes. Link to full article below... -Chris
  5. Chris

    Brunswick to lay off 70 more employees

    Brunswick has laid off and additional 70 employees. The employees affected were previously employed at the companies Edgewater Florida boat plants. Brunswick has cut more than 1000 jobs in total. -Chris
  6. Chris

    Brunswick to close Trophy Plant

    The bad news just keeps coming and coming. Brunswick have announced their intention to close their Cumberland Trophy offshore fishing boats plant and move production to another one of their plants in Ashland Tennessee. Brunswick have already closed 12 plants over the last 2 years if you're...
  7. Chris

    Mercury Marine to reduce workforce by 160 Positions

    Citing lower demand and a slumping marine market, Mercury has indicated they plan to reduce their hourly workforce by 160 positions at their Fond du Lac production facility. Approximately 2500 people are employed at Fond du Lac. Link to article below. :(...
  8. Chris

    Crownline to lay off 133 employees

    Some more bad news... Crownline has notified 133 employees that they are to be layed off. It is not known whether the layoffs will be temporary or permanent. Link to full article below...