boat show

  1. Chris

    NMMA sells Toronto International Boat Show

    An interesting development that our Canadian readers might find interesting. The NMMA has sold the Toronto International Boat Show to Canadian Boat Shows Inc. Here's a link to the press release. :) -Chris
  2. Chris

    Mercury Racing set to release 400 H.P. outboard?

    There are lots of rumours floating around, that Mercury's Racing division is set to release a new 400 H.P. outboard at the Miami Boat Show. :devil: Some rumours are that the new motors will be 400 XX and will be 440 H.P. some others claim that the new motors will be 400 XS motors. Which...
  3. Chris

    Stingray Pics from 2010 Toronto International Boat Show

    Here are a few pics of a Stingray that was at the 2010 Toronto International Boat Show. :)
  4. Chris

    2009 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 14, 2009 So, it's -20ish degrees Celsius here in Toronto, Lake Ontario looks like a skating rink... :yell: ...Sounds like a good time to go to the 2009 Toronto International Boat Show! :D :) Yolanda has taken an absolute ton of pictures, so...
  5. Chris

    2008 Antique & Classic Boat Show-Gravenhurst Ontario

    Gravenhurst, Ontario - July 5, 2008 On July 5, 2008 the Town of Gravenhurst, Ontario hosted the 28th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show. The show was organized by ACBS of Toronto, and featured a great selection of Antique and Classic Wood and early-era fiberglass boats. For the year...