1. Chris

    Anyone watching or watch the 2009 Superbowl?

    What do you think? Good game, bad game? Cheering for anyone in particular? -Chris
  2. Chris

    2009 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Direct Energy Center - Toronto, Ontario - January 14, 2009 So, it's -20ish degrees Celsius here in Toronto, Lake Ontario looks like a skating rink... :yell: ...Sounds like a good time to go to the 2009 Toronto International Boat Show! :D :) Yolanda has taken an absolute ton of pictures, so...
  3. Chris

    Happy New Year 2009!

    Hi Gang, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and safe, New Year's Eve 2008 and very Happy New Year's Day 2009. Thanks for another great year! I very much appreciate everyone who has participated in our community. So I'd like to send out some big thank you's to our; Supporting...
  4. Chris

    100th Anniversary Commemorative Evinrude Brochure

    This is a really neat brochure. It's actually an insert into the new 2009 Evinrude Catalogue. So if you want a copy of this one, you can probably visit your local 'Rude dealer and pick one up. I picked this one up at my local 'Rude dealer Katrine Marine and I'd like to thank them kindly...