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  1. Peels

    another great one in the books

    looks like 2015 boating season is done for us, but.. it was FANTASTIC. :thumb: had a great weekend... Planned to take my sister and her family out. But, I really dislike a mob at the ramps and dock, we went out ahead of time. cruised around... Then had a scare while we were doing that...
  2. Peels

    having trouble docking?

    no need to fret. just relax, youll get there. Its an art form and cant be rushed. best done sober! LIKE A BOSS! :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  3. Peels

    Table Rock

    OK, so been a tough, and busy year for us, especially for the Mrs. with her work... last minute vacation planning! Wanted to do a beach trip, white sand blue water... but time and money have all but ruled that out, so, started browsing... I found a decent place to stay at branson with the...
  4. Peels

    depth finder advice

    SO....Santa Claus was storing some scooters for my kids in the garage over the winter, and one of the scooters fell and knocked off the transom transducer. I told that guy behind the boat was a bad spot to hide presents. :) Anyways...I was just going to buy a new transom bracket...but as I...
  5. Peels

    special winterize

    ugh..yeah I want to slap myself in the face...but alas, we are here. I have SERIOUSLY enjoyed our first summer as a "boating family" but it is busy time at my work, and my wife works in human resources for retail, so her work will be nuts shortly... the next 4 weekends are shot for boating due...
  6. Peels

    3.0 thermostat kit

    out on the river over the weekend, temp wasnt coming up I pulled the thermostat, yeah it looks shot..thankfully not something worse. Whats the cheapest place to buy with gaskets? I'm seeing them all over the webz...not pleased with the prices. thermostats are NOT complicated...
  7. Peels


    learned a few things the hard way this weekend.. trying to anchor down and watch a concert from the river, and fireworks.. we bought our boat from a couple who kept it on a lake. the little bitty anchor was NO match for the flooded mississippi :( the current was incredible! and we werent the...
  8. Peels

    Merc 3.0 carb. issue

    2004 merc 3.0 its a glastron 175..if that matters. FINALLY got to be out on the water for more than 10 minutes!!! YAY all went well...just noticed: It has a bit an "unhappy" rpm range. Low to mid...If i'm trying to cruise slow, it surges a bit....rpm fluctuates... not really hurting...
  9. Peels

    Midwest Spots?

    New to boats... Looking for cool spots here. Southeast Iowa, so we have the Mississippi of course... Lake Rathbun, Red Rock... Well have a trip to the Ozarks in July. Wondering... Are there any GREAT spots here in the armpit of america, that are good family boating spots?
  10. Peels

    different kind of prop question

    OMG there is too much kaka on the web about this topic. so lets add to it LOL anyways, we had two nice days to get out and use it after buying in the fall finally! LOVE IT! spent all day polishing the gelcoat. looks brand new! to the question...when we bought our boat. 2004 glastron sx175...
  11. Peels

    replacing swim ladder

    I have a 2004 glastron sx175-Im looking to replace (or supplement) my stock boat ladder. My wife feels awkward climbing out with the single step swing down ladder so Im looking for an extended one. it has a split transom, with the right side having an indent, and the ladder mounted below. and...
  12. Peels

    faria tach problem

    Our Glastron sx175 I/O has a bad Faria tachometer. I took it out to make sure it wasnt just a ground. It is just, I just put it back in and did not reconnect (looks better than a hole) LOL just while I search for a new one. BUt...I am getting the boat winterized next week. will it...
  13. Peels

    TOTAL NOOB! (advice)

    hello all! pretty new to boats, nut not new to machine forums... :thumb: sold out of my atv hobby (yamaha raptors) so I can get my family into boating. Had one as youngster...but that was when I had no responsibility... :) Then we rented one on vacation, and we had a blast! so here we...