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  1. Peels

    Boat ramp excitement

    LOL that was entertaining just to read!
  2. Peels


    feel your pain. ozarks last month, on a late season trip. idling into a cove for lunch at a restaurant, in no wake. 30+ foot twin engined cruiser zipped by at 30+ GUess they wanted the better table...? :/ The wake almost swallowed my little boat LOL My sisters daughter, who is afraid of boats...
  3. Peels

    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    good karma shines through. spun prop. much better mood.... :)
  4. Peels

    Geeeeeeeez, it must be fall

    howdy folks... its been a busy year. Havent had much time for the boat. extensive motorcycle repairs... family stuff, weddings etc.... work... you name it. Certainly hope all is well with you guys here! weve taken 3 trips. 2 sucked. lol then had one REALLY good one. and had to park it awhile...
  5. Peels

    another great one in the books

    yep, after the spring delayed its start again, then flooding.. its been absolutely perfect. hot, slight wind... water warmed up nicely. gorgeous. there MIGHT be some boating into september, but its a difficult proposition. with soccer on weekends. Then wife works every other. i could...
  6. Peels

    another great one in the books

    looks like 2015 boating season is done for us, but.. it was FANTASTIC. :thumb: had a great weekend... Planned to take my sister and her family out. But, I really dislike a mob at the ramps and dock, we went out ahead of time. cruised around... Then had a scare while we were doing that...
  7. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    I'm not TOTALLY against the IO. Actually, getting good at working on it. I suppose, if I had a nicer (not clunky 3.0) motor.... and I was the first owner....I would like it more. I agree with the working upside down quote. been there. but I boat in shallow, skinny water. and its perilous. I...
  8. Peels

    Too nice

    yep. internetz are for when you cant boat and want to daydream about boats...LOL been quite perfect as of late. got in two good days. friday AND sunday.
  9. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    LOL drink mixers, I recall you saying that before... :) yeah the alignment tool is not bad... im just bein a big baby. cheers!
  10. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    Yep I saw that... assembly looks to be fine I HATE buying tools for limited use...IE: my next boat will NOT be I/O. But I see no way around it. :) So ill be ordering that up as well.
  11. Peels

    having trouble docking?

    no need to fret. just relax, youll get there. Its an art form and cant be rushed. best done sober! LIKE A BOSS! :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  12. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    haha I offered! hey any of you guys do the merc gimbal before? Ive only worked on outboard :) any advice is appreciated. Looks somewhat straightforward. just need that darned alignment tool. heard a squealing at startup. and then rumbly last time out. Seems about the only thing that would...
  13. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    so far so not bad here. 3 trips! though, sadly, I got to experience the "need help" side of the camaraderie of the boating community. its been nothing but cloudy,windy,rainy. a week ago, Sunday, we had warm weather finally...THEN the clouds broke. it got wonderfully HOT. we ordered pizza at...
  14. Peels

    Boating season has begun

    YES, IT IS! Sunday morning the covers came off, carburetor got a nice cleaning...plugs came out.. fired right up. Its a beautiful thing. Hope all of you fine folks have a safe and wonderful season!
  15. Peels

    Going to file for my retirement !!!!!!

    congratulations and good luck!
  16. Peels

    Happy 2015

    woohoo! now.... come on summer!
  17. Peels

    Merry Christmas!

    yeah irritating. but not life ending :) Bad part...shes been sick for 3 weeks now. THat night shed got home, coughing, fell asleep on the chair watching tv. didn't think to ask her if shed closed the garage door. doesnt matter. not sure what tells you its ok to go in someones garage and take...
  18. Peels

    Dec. 31st, 1998

    awesome, congrats! we just hit 15yrs last spring. :) not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it.
  19. Peels

    Merry Christmas!

    had a great christmas. :) spoiled our children splendidly. (dont care if its not the true meaning dont preach to me) and had a wonderful time with family. and got to see the sun for the first time in weeks it seems wife and I went out and shopped together for each other. I bought her a new...
  20. Peels

    3 liter mercruser motors

    are we talking new? I think Id prefer if my engine was fuel injected, whatever the choice... I have the 3 liter in mine. I find it works just fine. And its quite easy to work on when I need to. (SO FAR) :) I think my next boat will be outboard or jet pump drive, though. Ive grown weary of the...