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    glasstron gt-150

    Hey i bought a gt-150 to sell has emblems a 65 evinrude and ez-loader trailer.800.00 obo
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    This is what i did today
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    ok so ive gotton back into buying and selling boats to support my boating habit.and im running across some major killer deals.97 caparell 1850 br no motor with trailer clean 900.00,99 chaparel 2150 villian 350 mag siezed motor 2700.00 trailer 900.00 and so on if anybody wants a new boat that...
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    glasstron owners

    How many glastron owners are on here? And what do ya have?
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    84 ambasador

    Hmm cool site chris. hey all ive got a 84 checkmate ambasador ive run for years that i bought and restored.what other mates are here?
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    1988 glastron gx-239 ultra

    Im restoring or resto moding a gx- 239 ultra i saved from the scrap yard. its in the resto catagory.
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    Glastron GX-239

    Well i'm starting to rebuild a glastron i saved from the scrap's a glastron gx-239 ultra. body is in decent shape .its stripped though.wet sanded the hull and started buffing it she is coming back nice.hey chris how do i attatch pics over here?
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    cparrel for sale

    My chaparrel for salegood working old boat and solid too.
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    New Boat

    Alright my wife wants a new boat and as I have always had checkmates in the past I'm not up on what is out there nor am I probably going to buy a mate this time. I'm going to go used so I can keep the boat I have now for fun but I need a good riding boat in rough water the lake i'm on is lake...
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    Any jetboats out there?

    Any jetboaters out there?
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    Hey anybody have an extra lower for a omc 800 mechanacle shift? E-mail me if you do.Thanks:cheers: