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  1. petersfield

    cover cost?

    Hi guy's just wondering if anyone has spent money on a new cover for a 18-19ft open bow boat lately? I have an existing cover on the boat (full cover with windows for boating in the rain) it is vinyl and has some small pin holes. I would like to change it to that new canvas style material they...
  2. petersfield

    new to site. anyone here of a forester rio?

    hello everone. new to the site. For the last few years I had a checkmate boat and loved it. but motor blew and made the decision to move on and bought a 1992 forester rio. it was my brother in law's boat and is like new and that is why I bought it because I know how he is with his stuff! but I...
  3. petersfield

    stereo cuts off at 19 volume level?

    Hi guy's new member. I was a member of Checkmate boats forum however now that I have sold my checkmate and bought a Forester Rio I came to this site! I just installed a new stereo in my boat. the old one was cassette and speakers were not good. So I bought a sony deck and speakers and It is...