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    Perfomance tips and terms.

    Definitions continued Tongue: The part of the trailer that continues forward to connect to the tow vehicle. Should be 10% of the weight of the entire rig as measured at the hitch connection. Torquemaster: A heavy-duty high performance Mercury lower unit that does not have a nosecone. Designed...
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    Perfomance tips and terms.

    Definitions continued Layup: Referring to the application layers, thickness, and materials used in the construction of a fiberglass hull. Lean (Lean Mixture): A lower-than-normal fuel content in the engine air/fuel mix. Often results in higher operating temperatures, overheating, detonation...
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    Perfomance tips and terms.

    Common terms and deffinitions. Adapter Plate: "Adapts and connects the power head of an outboard engine to the center section, and usually contains the tune Aerodynamics: Pertains to the forces generated by flow of air over a surface, used to lift the hull out of the water, also responsible...
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    Board Milestones

    Very cool.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your engine trouble. I had to do this type of swap when I was in the navy. Not fun. The hardest part was figuring out how to rig the motor out of that hole and get it on the deck.
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    Hi Newbie

    Welcome to the board.:welcome:
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    250 Members

    Very cool.
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    Fuel Prices Won't Stop Boaters

    Well said Chris. With the price of gas I am not in a big hurry to finish the boat. The big merc on the back loves to drink the stuff. A day of boating and having fun = 19gal in the boat + 2 6 gal portable cans. About $230 and then another $100 in the truck to pull it to the lake. Ouch.
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    Not needed in Nebraska. May have something to do with a lack of water. :thumb:
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    Site Upgrades!

    Very cool, time to hot rod the board.
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    Grew Challanger

    Thats a good looking boat.
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    Hey guys, another sutphen ownwer

    Welcome to the board.
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    Happy Birthday Endless Boating!

    I still have trouble getting the brain around the 1 year mark. Time fly's.
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    Video Evidence of 175Checkmate's Real Trimate Holdup

    Anyone of the big 3 work for me, Dodge Chrysler, Plymouth, :thumb::drool:
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    Video Evidence of 175Checkmate's Real Trimate Holdup

    Very cool. :thumb:
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    Oh No! Arcade Drama!

    Are we having fun yet?? :cheers:
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    Welcome to the board. Great looking site.
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    Mercury Launches 350 H.P. Outboard

    It will be cool when they come out with the spec's on that monster.
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    OSO sold?

    I wonder what the $$ figure was on OSO? I wouldn't know where to even guess.
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    Checking In...........

    Sounds like your having a great time.