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    1991 Merc 50 hp, 2 stroke, 3 cyl, outboard. Water pump and shift issue.

    Hi there, welcome to endless boating @idlerjn Typically that washer/bushing is usually found on top of the shift shaft mechanism of the lower unit and with it missing it's been know to misadjust the whole shifting components including the shift handle like that. Having your engine serial...
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    Used Yamaha 115HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor cost $2000usd

    Hi there, welcme to endless boating. What area is this engine located in? Also please know there's a dedicated sub_forum for engine sales which i'll link here for you, Outboard Motors For Sale & Wanted Thanks :) @Chris ;)
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    1994 mercury outboard 150 takes time to pee

    Hi there, welcome to endless boating forums...:) Certain model engines are designed to flow through the thermostats creating a delay to start flowing out the telltale water hole indictor while other models will flow direct/right out the telltale. As long as the hole isn't clogged up with...
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    viking dream sicle the year ?

    To start without seeing photos here, maybe the drive is an OMC Stringer series as they had a few models numbers/names such as OMC 400 - 800 - Stringer electric shift stern drive... Is the stern drive white in color? Aqua Blue may also be the indication the engine is an OMC...
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    Do you think we can go boating in the summer 2021?

    Hi there @amarine123 , Welcome to Endless boating. What area do you generally reside at? While at the beginning of covid-19 I recall the people making health suggestions mention that even boating wasn't a good idea to do mainly because boating often has other outside friends and/or non true...
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    water temp gauge

    Aright then @dpolega112 , with knowing that, lets pretend for a few minutes that your engine was Carbureted to maybe help narrow down an alternative starting point.... ....Typically the non EFI's analog outboards don't utilizes oil psi gauges and it's about 50/50 of use on the engine temp...
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    water temp gauge

    Thanks @dpolega112 for the engine confirmation as it helps gets you closer to a finished goal. With knowing what engine type you truly have, 'Another option to look into would be using an Analog Gauge Interface Kit like I believe part number 892486K08 may work which allows the conversion of a...
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    water temp gauge

    Hi there, @dpolega112 , welcome to endless boating forums.:) Are you still working on this? What is your engine serial number and is the engine Fuel Injected or carbureted? Do you have a digital display type gauge that reads digital numbers or a needle type gauge? Those sensors that are...
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    Mercury 250 hp ECU

    Hi there @Snickers , Welcome to endless boating forums.:) If you're still needing some guidance then it seems your needed part number of 83004615T would still be available from the factory which may takes a few extra day to get once actually ordered... There's a pretty big marine outlet store...
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    Can't find the name of a part on a 140 Suzuki

    Hi there @Rizdek , welcome to endless boating forums.:) Do you happen to know your engine's model number? Looks like there are 2 to choose from in the 2010 year model, 140 DF140T DF140Z I believe you're looking for item number 7 in the following link...And if so then you're correct as there a...
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    Mariner Outboard Information

    Hi there @MrBass13601 , welcome to endless boating forums.:) Lets see if we can still help you out with the needed engine info. ;) Your engine serial number seems to be coming up as an 1986 Mariner Outboard 40 [ELO] Model Number 7040716 The following links are going to be of some parts...
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    1998 yamaha 150 c150tlrx

    Hi there @Ragincajun , welcome to endless boating forums.:) Looking over your parts catalogs for your engine model it would seem as if you may have a power trim oil plug/s and possibly depending on what trim pump design you have as they list 2 type, you may have a little filter too. Here's...
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    Chrysler 35 HP only runs on one cylinder WHY??

    Awesome to hear you figured it all out @Richard443 and thanks for the update of what the issue was as it helps keep ideas of what could be wrong fresh in the memory banks for us and other boaters out there still to come that may be experience the same things you had. ;) Be safe!
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    1989 Four Winns Sundowner 205

    Hi there @Huffzz , welcome to endless boating forums.:cheers: Hope you and yours will have many great adventurous times while out enjoying your new to you boat all without any issues with the boat, engine and your safety. The OMC's 4.3's do tend to run really good overall especially if you are...
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    1994 Suzuki 40hp 2 stroke

    Hi there @Cece , welcome to endless boating forums. One thought to consider checking would be the next time the engine is hot and/or acting up by not starting, 'When possibly convenient and safe for you, try to be ready to perform a quick engine cylinder compression test to see how the internal...
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    MERCURY 30/40 Hp EFI Petrol 4 Stroke

    If you're still dealing with this then you may want to consider buying a wiring diagram from Mercury Marine for your engine model using your engine serial number so you can chase the wiring colors for the circuit in question. Also try looking at the colors of wires at the coils, Main Relay...
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    90hp mercury pulls hard to right

    Have you found the issue yet? What design steering do you happen to have as there seems to be 3 designs offered to your engine model. 2B393883 = MERCURY ME 90ELPT COMMND THRUST EFI 4S 90EFI ELPT 4...
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    96 195 Sundowner bow light removal

    How did you make out with this project? Get it open yet? If not we may need photos to try and help better.
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    Is this company legit or a scam?

    While the deals seem good... Like many other so called marine companies like this one that pop-ups here and there selling very low cost outboards; 'Most likely they're going to be an untrustworthiness place to do oversees transactions with.... Also when the many places like these that tend to...
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    Brand New Outboard

    Hi there, though you may have bought something by now... One thing to consider in/on your engine purchase would be to do your best to try and know if there are a high handful of local dealers for that engine manufacturer both where you live and the general area you plan to visit most frequently...