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    Questions re new floor & stringers

    It sounds like you got very lucky. You should post some pictures of your boat, along with some of your repair work for our view pleasure.
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    Checkmate interior project

    It turned out looking great John.
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    Chris & Yolie's 2011 Cottage Thread

    Sounds like you and Yolie are having a nice and peaceful weekend at the cottage...not to mention getting some work done. Glad to hear everything was safe and sound and hope you get some warmer temps.
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    Transom repair

    The transom looks great. I plan on painting my bilge area in the near future with an epoxy paint by Interlux called BilgeKote. Have you started working on getting the top of the boat back on? I had a real pain with mine and ended up having to cut out some of my spashwell that I had to rebuild.
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    Restoration in progress

    I've never seen a V-Mate II that was an I/O. That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing John.
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    ski or board?

    I would suggest starting out with skis first to learn gettin up on water. As Chris stated, a pair of skis usually has one with a slalom boot so you can transition to one if you like. I also would check into a two handled ski rope for starting out on slalom or wakeboarding. Check out Overtons as...
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    Stator rewiried

    Sometimes it is better to replace the old with new rather then trying to repair or rebuild.
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    2010 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Must be a special on yellow and white gelcoat. I've seen a lot of boats in that scheme also.
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    Avenger pics

    Are you still looking for that boat John? I don't know whay but I crack up a little everytime I see those icy pictures.
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    New Toy

    I love the sound of an old Evinrude motor! It's also good to hear how old boats are kept alive.
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    Restoration in progress

    Some other progress has been made with making my seat mount boxes. I pre-glassed them with poly resin and csm then glued everything together with PL Premo and ran a couple of screws to hold in place. After the PL Premo cures, I will come back, sand and glass all the interior edges with some...
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    Restoration in progress

    It's been a while since I've updated so here goes... I've been sanding on the top of the deck and filling in holes. I've been wetting out a piece of CSM and place it on the backside of the hole and let it cure. I mixed up some epoxy with cabosil and milled fibers and then filled the hole. I did...
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    9.8 merc no start

    Did you ever get the engine running?
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    Did you make a decision?
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    79 Crestliner Cursader 770 Restoration

    That turned out looking real nice!
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    Restoration in progress

    I took some small bolts and reattached my hull and my cap. This is only until I finish glassing the splashwell and I'll seperate them again so I can paint. I then laid down some wax paper across the transom to keep the new glassing of the spashwell from sticking. I then wetted out a piece of...
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    Restoration in progress

    I've got some more work done. I switched resins this weekend from epoxy to polyester. I don't mind working with the new resin but I don't care much for working with csm. I filled in some holes in the dash by cutting out some 3/4" plywood to match the holes. I glued them in place then I came...
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    17' higgins information

    Looking forward to seeing it. Have you seached iboats for info?
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    17' higgins information

    Do you have any pictures of your boat that you can share?