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  1. J

    Boat Docking Finesse

    Agreed. Well done. :eyecrazy:
  2. J

    Professional Fishing Tips and Video Bloopers

    Seriously I always die when I watch those videos they are so classic and hilarious.
  3. J

    Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

    I failed... :irked:
  4. J

    A Boater's Worst Fear

    I mean hes an amateur but that wasn't THAT bad.
  5. J

    my wife thinks I have lost it.

    You're definitely not crazy... By the way the boat looks like it could be restored with hard work and labor.
  6. J

    A major setback

    Well at least the event was successful.
  7. J

    A Boater's Worst Fear

    Hahah thanks for the laugh.
  8. J

    College students build robotic boat in Rhode Island

    What are they collecting the data for?
  9. J

    Circling shark saves stranded Pacific Ocean boater

    Wow that story is remarkably interesting.. I guess not all sharks are vicious monsters after all.
  10. J

    Boat Camping Overnight

    Thanks for the share brotha.. There are tons of reasons why you would want to spend your evenings on a boat.. If the wake was quiet enough you'd sleep like a baby.. Maybe bring a female on there, a bottle of alcohol, candles, etc.. You'd have yourself a pretty good night.
  11. J

    Giant Lobster

    Holy crap that thing is scary big... Could you just imagine that thing clamping on to your foot?!
  12. J

    Hello There!

    New member Jack Sparrow here!!! Been a lurker for a while but I really wanted to join and start giving my advice to people... Thanks all for being a great community!