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    My Sea Ray sundancer

    Hi Chris E You would never know my boat is an 86. The thing is bristol. Iv'e been kicking around boats for a few years and Ive always liked SEA RAY. I met the founder of Sea Ray at my son's graduation from boatbuilding school in Kennebunkport, Maine. The guy is committed to quality...
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    My Sea Ray sundancer

    Hey Chris, Did you check out the link to Casco Bay Boat blog, it has tons of boater info on it including stuff like Coast Guard "rules of the" road & tons of maritime info. You can even track a ship anywhere in the world. Thought folks would like it. devonshire
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    Here is a Link to Cascobayboatblog....awesome and up to date I have always found tons of interesting stuff on this blog site. I am sure there is stuff that members of the forum will enjoy. It is chock full of info and anyone who loves boats will love checking this out.
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    My Sea Ray sundancer

    They don't build 'em like they used to. John, I had read an article a few years ago about folks who "shop" around to find older sea rays. Mine was a one owner and was always maintained. I am hoping to get something bigger in a couple years, so we can cruise for a week or two at at...
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    My Sea Ray sundancer

    This is my 1986 sundancer 270 w/ twin mercruiser 170 I/O's, all new upholstery in 09, complete engine major in '05, GPS, 2 fishfinders, VHF, waypointer, Ray Jeff detectors full galley sleeps 4 comfortably...and it's bought and paid for...which is the best part. Cruise around 25-28knots top is...
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    Not a sea ray but a beauty!!!

    This is "Rooster" a 31 foot cold molded classic replica built by Hodgdon Yachts in Boothbay, Maine. The boat has twin Volvo 6cyl desiels with aronson drives top end is 80 knots. The name rooster is derived from the 45 foot rooster tail this boat throws up during a run.
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    Sea Ray forum

    That's a can do on the Maine show pic's Chris, I'll take photo's at the Maine boat builders show and touch base with you in two weeks when I have them in hand. I think you guy's will be impressed by some of these boats. regards, Devonshire/Bob
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    Sea Ray forum

    Maine boatbuilders show Chris, Have you ever attended the Maine Boatbuilders show? There are some awesome custom built boats at this show. I will be going in 2 weeks and was wondering if there is a place in the forum to post some pictures of the show? Regards, Devonshire
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    Call goes out: mandate boat licensing. Should they do it or not, If you really think

    License is an excuse for government revenue A license will serve no purpose but to generate more revenue for government. There will still be the excuse we don't have the resources to cover the lake or whatever, because the revenue will go into the general fund and disappear. The real issue here...
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    Leaky row boat

    The problem may be that the rivets are fatigued and just putting a sealer on it may not give you a solution but more headaches. As another boater suggested doing new rivets is simpler than you think. I would remove the old rivets in the affected area, seal the seam and pop new rivets in...again...
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    GPS upgrade problem...

    The answer to using an old transducer is... No. Probably a dual-frequency sounder & nowadays use a multiplexed dual frequency system, which means you'll need to replace your old transducer. It's always a good idea to replace an old transducer anyway since transducers get weaker as they get...
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    I need some info about a tilt and trim motor

    Check I checked and they have a trim tilt motor that looks like what you have described. What I normally do is, find the item, get the part number and go to other sites to get the best price. Always remember to check for free shipping. Hope it works for you.
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    boating at my core

    Long time to this forum. I live in one of the most interesting boating areas in the world...Maine. It is so connected to boating and every aspect of boating it warms my soul. I began boating 47 years ago with a 1949 5h.p. johnson on a skiff. Now I have a 270 sundancer, have fishing...
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    Maine boatbuilders show

    The 2010 Maine boatbuilders show is March 19, 20, & 21. It is a show that I attend every year and hands down it is the best boat show I have ever attended. It is held at Portland Yacht Services in an old waterfront, former "locomotive shop" It takes more than a day to visit all the exhibits...
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    Sea Ray forum

    How about adding a forum for Sea Ray boat owners. We know there are other web forums for Sea Ray owners... but my experience is if you do not have the latest are a "retread" boater. I am sure it would attract many of the vintage owners like myself.