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    Stereo update

    How's this project coming? I've not visited this forum for a while, so it was cool to see this post. I recently did a complete upgrade to the system in my Baja that turned out really well. Did you end up painting the speaker grilles?
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    Boat Fuel Economy Meter

    In my opinion, trips like these are one of THE best things to do with your boat and family. See new things, try new is just a blast. Have fun!
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    Boat Fuel Economy Meter

    Pretty cool little deal, but yeah...I try to not even think about fuel consumption in marine motors. But it IS a factor more and more these days, with fuel prices what they are. For years on Table Rock during my annual summer vacation there, one day was set aside for 'the dam run', a trip of...
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    Checkmate closed its doors?

    Yes, they have a big challenge on their hands. I remember when Baja was bought out by Fountain, and all the anticipation and positive feelings (it was FOUNTAIN, after all!) that came with this, and then when the boats started coming off the line they were generally despised by both purist Baja...
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    Checkmate closed its doors?

    Hustler is a fine builder but...I don't see where the advantage is in them buying Checkmate, unless it is to give them a more "entry-level" series. :confused:
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    Adding a second battery.

    I've decided to add a second battery to my boat; there've just been too many times when I almost ran the battery out of juice whilst coving out and jamming to some tunes. In the case of my boat, I am going to have to put the second battery on the port side, or opposite side, of the boat, which...
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    Do I Need Trim Tabs?

    Personally, I don't see the need for tabs on boats under 23'. I know I debated for a long time about adding them to my 21' boat, but ultimately decided I was running just fine and didn't need them. A friend of mine who has a Baja 252 demonstrated the difference in his boat with/without tabs...
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    Some pics of Sean's big Merc!

    Nice AMG Mercedes! Posting up these pics for Sean.
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    Checkmate closed its doors?

    There've been far too many good boat companies 'die' in the last decade or so...I hope Checkmate survives.
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    Checkmate closed its doors?

    I've seen some traffic on other boating forums that seem to indicate that Checkmate is closing shop. Employees have been told to remove all personal items, due diligence auditors in for final inventory, etc. ?
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    blast from my past

    Seems to be in pretty good shape! Those are so much fun. My first ATV was a '83 Tri-Moto 175, then I added a 225, then a Tri-Z, then a Warrior. Yes indeed, those were the days. Thanks for giving me my own 'blast to the past' rememberance!
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    Picked up a Baja

    The H2Xs are a sweet boat, congratulations!
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    The Mazda 'family'

    I'd be happy to, send 'em to :thumb:
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    The Mazda 'family'

    Congratulations, man...that is a good find! I've never owned one of the big Mercs, though I've wanted to. Lots of Audis, but no Mercedes. Post up some pics of that bad boy when you can. :thumb:
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    Kern's Jetflight and restoration

    Some of the finished trim items.
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    Kern's Jetflight and restoration

    The tonneau covers after fairing and prime One seat shell and the console after paint The hull with the bottom and sides finish painted, the deck colored but not clear coated
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    Kern's Jetflight and restoration

    The stern, showing the new center section. The floor and stringers were in pretty good shape and required no major work. The foredeck after sanding and priming. Lots of work went into filling the factory surfaces that had waviness. The bottom after final paint.
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    Kern's Jetflight and restoration

    Posting some pictures for Kern, and his beautiful Glastron Jetflight. Hopefully these captions will help depict the pictures. Nearly new, back in the day - about 8 years old with Mercury 650 Next two, the appearance of the boat and trailer prior to starting the restoration
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    New Forum Member With Old Boat

    Welcome to the forum. That JetFlite is a cool looking boat. Glastron built some cool boats. A friend of mine had a 19' CSS (Carlson Signature Series) that he put a 383 stroker rated at 425 hp, with a 200 hp shot of nitrous to boot. That boat would run 90 mph, but VERY scary to be in it...