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    Facebook Sharathon

    Hello friends! Our brand, WAKE UP, is all about making memories out on the lake! We have logos for wakeboarding, tubing, wake surfing and personal water crafts. No matter how you choose to spend your time out on the lake, it's all in the fun of getting up over that wake. Wake Up is a way...
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    TOTAL NOOB! (advice)

    Congrats on your new boat! I'm sure that your family will have an awesome time out on it!!
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    Favorite watersport?

    That's how our daughter has been. The more she does it the more comfortable she is! I always have to ride with them both and we always go much slower.
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    Show your passion!

    That's nice to know! We're planning to check out a local boat show next month.
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    Favorite watersport?

    Tubing is so much fun! Our daughter is 8 and she prefers to just swim. We try to get her in the tube every now and then. Our son is 4 and LOVES the tube and anything water related. :) He'd like to learn to wakeboard. Maybe in a year or two.... :)
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    Show your passion!

    Thanks! We are usually out on the water with family and friends and typically use my father-in-laws Stingray. We are planning to buy our own boat very soon. My husband is on the lookout for a boat with a wakeboard tower! A must for him!
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    Favorite watersport?

    What are everyone's favorites water activities? My husband loves wakeboarding, but I get my joy in riding the tubes with our two kids! I'm proud to say I can hang on like nobody's business! My husband thinks I should give the wakeboard a try. Maybe before the summer is over with! Anyone do...
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    North Carolina

    Anyone else boat in North Carolina? We spend a lot of time out on Jordan Lake and Kerr Lake. Also been to Lake Gaston. Beautiful!!
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    Show your passion!

    Hi everyone! We are new to this forum. Our business, Wake Up Products, is all about having fun out on the water. So many great memories are made with friends and family out on the lake! If you love to wakeboard, wake surf, tube with your kids or grand kids, or jump wakes on a personal...