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  1. J

    Current tubing tow-pig:

    Thanks! It really does everything well. Was a great find.
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    Hello Endless

  3. J

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    That boat has your name all over it Chris!!
  4. J

    2011 Toronto International Boat Show Coverage

    Wait, only $39k for that 2100BR with 250XS?? Is your money suddenly cheaper than ours? Can't buy that boat in the states for $39k!
  5. J

    New outboard powered Four Winns

    My pleasure! I like most of the design elements, but the rear seat back and swim platform area doesn't quite flow. The other pictures show that the seat backs fold down and expose some non-skid for reboarding, which is a good funtional desgn, but it sure ain't pretty. I've responded to my...
  6. J

    New outboard powered Four Winns

    With the cost of the new I/O's shooting up because of emissions, Four Winns has once again tooled up an outboard option:
  7. J

    Newest outboard powered Four Winns

  8. J

    Current tubing tow-pig:

    I didn't know there was a Four Winns section in the gallery :rof: John, sounds like a nice family barge you're looking at there! IF you're like me though, you'll miss the Checkmate ride and speed.
  9. J

    Current tubing tow-pig:

    Thanks John! I've only owned two Four Winns so far. The first one was a 2003 Freedom 180 (which was really a 19' boat) that sported a Johnson 150 carb 2.6 liter V6, and this 2002 setup. That 150 Johnson could push that Freedom 180 to only 49 mph GPS. The current Four Winns runs 45 mph GPS...
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    Current tubing tow-pig:

    I'm extremely happy with this boat for tubing/family use. All composit, no worries ever about wood rot. It's only 17' long but very wide, I've had 9 people (adults and kids) inside comfortably. Keeping this boat for tow duty while looking for another 2000 or 2100 Checkmate for speed......
  11. J

    Current tubing tow-pig:

    More pix Love the water!
  12. J

    Current tubing tow-pig:

    2002 Four Winns Horizon 170 OB with 115 Yamahammer! Very rare boat. Four Winns bought some Yamahas when OMC went out of business. GREAT motor.
  13. J

    New Lund A-14 on the way!

    Congrats! I may buy and sell my speed boats, but I'll ALWAYS have a 14' aluminum boat with a 15 horse motor on the back! Here's a picture of Alumacraft T-14V, back when I had the 15 Honda on it (now on the pontoon boat) and back when I had my second Checkmate, the Persuader:
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    Picked up a rare jet

    Very cool old boat! Can't wait to see it back to life!
  15. J

    Chris' 2008 Cottage Shots!

    Going to be 80 degrees here in SW Michigan today! Good thing I still have one last boat in, the hillbilly pontoon! AHHHHhhhhhhhhh................the sun feels soooo gooooood.....................:cheers:
  16. J

    Latest Project

    Now that it's dropped below freezing :yell: How's that winter project coming? Did you get the LU tool?
  17. J

    1932 - EVINRUDE Sales Brochure

    NICE!! :bigthumb:
  18. J

    2007 Mercury Outboard Brochure

    KEWL!! Too bad they're all so EXPENSIVE :eyes:
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    Chris' 2008 Cottage Shots!

    Chris, one of these years the wife and I will have to get passports and visit you at the lake cottage!! I'm about 6 1/2 hours from Thornhill. Where's the cottage?
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    Best looking half ton?

    Tough question. I DO prefer the GMC over the Chevy version this year. The current Dodge looks good, and I've liked the current Ford F150. All very close I think. And it depends on color! I don't like the Nissan at all, and I only like the Tundra over the Chevy but not over the...